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Sugar and Spice

Can I get a shot of double standards with a side of hypocrisy? Because that’s all that’s served when it comes to gay adoption… According to UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund) there are 210 Million orphans worldwide. Let me repeat … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Get Over a Breakup

In my three years of singledom, I’ve seen six of my friends go through hard breakups. With each one of them it frustrated me to see them go through the same cycle that I went through, making the same mistakes, … Continue reading

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Put Out the Flame!

Will and Grace, Project Runway, Extreme Makeover, Ugly Betty, Glee, and any show on HGTV. What do all these shows have in common? Flamers! For years now the media outlets have been flooded with the stereotyped gay man: flamboyant, knows … Continue reading

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The Look

  What’s in a look? A glance? A peep? Perhaps more than meets the eye… Regardless of whether you believe in nature versus nurture (or a bit of both), psychologists have determined that each individual falls on a scale between … Continue reading

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Mr. Right (Now)

It’s the end of summer, 2008, and I’m lying in bed with the pitter patter of rain striking the bay window. It’s been three months after my horrible breakup that left me shattered, and most of my summer weekends have … Continue reading

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The Puppeteer

Chances are if you’re from a Middle Eastern family (although Israelis are generally more liberal), there are certain conditions your parents have laid out before you that you must follow in order for them to be a part of your … Continue reading

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Hush Hush!

As a child, I always knew I was different. Unlike the other kids I didn’t really enjoy soccer, I wasn’t over competitive, I didn’t have that angry streak in me like most of the boys that were around me. As … Continue reading

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