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the Division

In the world of gay men, there are two major schools of thought: You’re either an activist,  proud, open, and spend most of your weekends out and about in gay bars. Or you’re in the closet, and I mean DEEP … Continue reading

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No to Nooks: Why Books Are Better

Tablets are all the craze now days, and why wouldn’t they be: combine the technology of Smartphones with your favorite literature and you might actually make reading look ‘cool.’ Even people who don’t usually read now all of a sudden … Continue reading

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A while back, I wrote a blog about long term commitment and how most men, including myself, had issues with the idea of being strapped to someone for many years. Well…now another issue arises in the extreme opposite spectrum (like … Continue reading

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Dear Diary

18…naïve…and confused. My first (to be) love had just opened himself up to me and my emotions were running wild. Emotions I was not “supposed” to have – an attraction to another man. What else could I do but question … Continue reading

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I Want Snow!

It’s been unseasonably warm this winter in Chicagoland. This time last year we were digging our way out of our second foot of snow. This year – barely even made an inch. Now, I’m not exactly crazy about being pounded … Continue reading

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Newton’s Law of Motion states that every action has an equal but opposite reaction. Usually, this applies to physics, ironically, it also can apply to gays and lesbians. The other day I came across a video on Youtube of a … Continue reading

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