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He’s dark haired, has a constant 5 o’clock shadow that tickles my neck when he kisses it. Although he has fair skin, his arm hair and hairy legs make him seem a bit more dark. He loves spontaneity, cracks an … Continue reading

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                      I love dreams. They tell us so much about our conflicts in our lives and how to go about facing them. In dreams you don’t block out pain or … Continue reading

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White Washed

I’ve noticed that in the mainstream realm of gay men in the United States, there seems to be this unspoken “ideal” for the gay man and a prejudice which follows for those who differ from the ideal. Who is the … Continue reading

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A while back, I wrote a blog about long term commitment and how most men, including myself, had issues with the idea of being strapped to someone for many years. Well…now another issue arises in the extreme opposite spectrum (like … Continue reading

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Signs that He’ll Stand You Up

  Ok, so a topic that’s a bit more embarrassing. But there is a good chance that you’ll be stood up sooner or later in life, so it’s worth your while to watch out for these signs. I’ve been stood … Continue reading

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