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Killing Me Softly

  Love at first sight? Doesn’t exist. Nope. Soul mates? A bedtime story for teenage girls. One’s first love, however, unforgettable. It’s been three years since my first love, in my friend’s case, four. We’re both equally over our ex’s … Continue reading

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the Dumb Things Straight People Say

  Outside the realm of homophobic straight folks, lies the accepting liberal world of heterosexuals who despite their efforts of being open minded, usually end up saying some pretty ridiculous things about gay couples and the gay community. My friends … Continue reading

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Muscles, leather boots, wigs, costumes, more muscles, transvestites, speedos/jock straps, bears, make up, and oh did I mention muscles? These are just some of the things you’ll witness in one of the world’s strangest parades, the Gay Pride Parade. Big … Continue reading

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Ball and Chain

I know, it seems silly that even though I don’t have a boyfriend I’m going to blog about commitment, but it’s definitely something that’s been on my mind throughout my years and is on the mind of men and women … Continue reading

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