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Desensitize Me

For years now Hollywood has spoon fed us images of people getting shot. During the Cold War era, the antagonists were primarily Eastern Europeans and Russians with the market flooding with shots of the nicely accessorized American punching out and … Continue reading

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Better with Age

Ok I admit it, I have a soft spot for older men. And I think lots of girls and gay guys are on the same page as me when I say – some of the hottest guys around are 40+ … Continue reading

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Newton’s Law of Motion states that every action has an equal but opposite reaction. Usually, this applies to physics, ironically, it also can apply to gays and lesbians. The other day I came across a video on Youtube of a … Continue reading

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Put Out the Flame!

Will and Grace, Project Runway, Extreme Makeover, Ugly Betty, Glee, and any show on HGTV. What do all these shows have in common? Flamers! For years now the media outlets have been flooded with the stereotyped gay man: flamboyant, knows … Continue reading

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